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Prof. Hu Yong - Towards a Chinese Public Sphere? Online Public Opinion & the Yuqing System

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Time: 18:30

Location: SIN 1, at the Department for East Asian Studies/Chinese Studies, Altes AKH, Campus, Spitalgasse 2, Yard 2, Entrance 2.3

With the emergence and popularization of the Internet, China is slowly developing a public sphere, with “In-ternet public opinion” taking shape in parallel and counterbalance with the so-called “mainstream public opin-ion.” However, in a highly centralized society, such an alternative force has provoked the Party’s desire to tighten speech control, and nurtured its ability to invent ingenious methods of micro social management. This has led to the emergence of yuqing studies and a booming yuqing industry as intelligence, surveillance, and policing agencies on the “sentiments” of online public opinion. The far-reaching yuqing monitoring sys-tem has transformed its function from intelligence gathering and analysis on “social conditions and public opinion” into manipulation and fabrication of Internet public opinion. In the end, the yuqing system has “suc-cessfully” constructed an orderly and harmonious cyberspace with positive “public opinion”. However, in doing so, it has brushed aside and buried the real online public opinions on issues and conflicts between and among regions, social classes, religions, ethnicities, and the state and the society.   

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