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Joint Workshop Austria Taiwan

Energy Pilot Regions

Good practice and progress in low carbon regions

In the current situation of global deadlock of climate policy some regions that are going ahead can be very important: In Austria there are "energy pilot regions". Some work of research has been already done on implementing of "energy (pilot) regions", there have also been specific research programs to analyze these processes (ACRP-Austrian Climate Research Program) and there is much work in progress. The focus of this research has been on technology or sometimes on institutions, but only few consideration was dedicated to the systemic socio-ecological dynamics of these processes. In addition the links of this research to comparable developments in other countries are only very restricted. So it makes sense to generalize all these results and to compare them with experiences in similar processes at quite different backgrounds. It is foreseeable that by these comparisons results from abroad will trigger stimulation to more generalized knowledge also for Austria.

Research networks are on the horizon especially between the National Chengchi University;the Institute of Social Ecology at the University of Klagenfurt;, the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna; the Institute for Low Carbon Economy and Climate Change , Suzhou School of Renmin University Beijing, and some further Austrian institutions.

Please find the final report to the project here.




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