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Kam LWM. Protest in Metropolis: Symbolism in Play from Queen’s Pier Conservation to Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. In Castro Varela MDM, Ülker B, editors, Doing Tolerance: Urban Interventions and Forms of Participation. 1. ed. Opladen ; Berlin: Barbara Budrich. 2020. p. 233-252

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Hein I, Pokorny L, Frank R, Schick-Chen A. Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies Volume 11. In Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies Volume 11. 2019. (Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol. 11).

Renner J. Vocabulary learning in Mandarin Chinese – German eTandems. In Telecollaboration and virtual exchange across disciplines: in service of social inclusion and global citizenship. 2019

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Renner J. Vocabulary learning in multimodal Mandarin Chinese – German eTandems.. 2018. Paper presented at Third International Conference on Telecollaboration in Higher Education, Krakow, Poland.

Showing entries 101 - 150 out of 574