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We hereby draw your attention to the fact that any communication with lecturers and the staff of the Institute must take place exclusively via your univie email address. In addition, we would like to point out that you should regularly check your univie email addresses and also regularly check your spam folder when forwarding to your private email address. Please also check your Moodle accounts regularly, as this is where the work assignments for the respective courses are issued!

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Sinology at the University of Vienna

The Division of Sinology at the University of Vienna is part of the Department of East Asian Studies. The Division offers excellent research and research-based teaching on modern China. It is the largest center of research on modern China in Austria and is one of the most important centers of its kind in the German-speaking world.

In addition to modern Chinese language training, our focus of teaching and research is on politics, law, history, and society in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).


07.12.2022 16:45

A story of women activist in Hong Kong: Searching for patriotic love and vengeful justice

14.12.2022 17:00

In contemplating Colonialism(s): Was the Qing Empire a colonial empire? East Asian Empires in Post-Colonial Discourse

16.12.2022 18:30

Party Congress, Protests and the Pandemic: Quo vadis, China?

10.01.2023 18:30

How can we be fully human inside someone else’s brain? Anti-Asian racism from a neuropolitical perspective


 News for students


Der Sinologe Sascha Klotzbücher fragt nach den Langzeitwirkungen von Politik und Emotion während der Kulturrevolution (1966-1976). Im Interview...

Information für Studenten
06.12.2022 18:30

Das Austria Institut für Europa- und Sicherheitspolitik (AIES) freut sich Sie zu

folgender Veranstaltung einzuladen: China nach dem Parteitag

Information für Studenten
09.12.2022 17:30

Online Vorstellung am Freitag, 09.12.2022 um 17:30 Uhr

Information für Studenten



Eine transgenerationale Sicht auf Politik und Emotion

in der Volksrepublik China

Neues im Fachbereich

The European Association for Chinese Studies is proud to announce that the first volume of the Association's online and open access journal is now...

Neues im Fachbereich

Understanding the Evolution, Perception and Impact of China’s Social Credit System (ENGINEERING)

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