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A superficial sorting mechanism: a study of the Social Credit System in the National Statistic apparatus

Pierre Sel

Since 2016, the People’s Republic of China’s social credit system (SCS) has attracted
attention as one of the world's largest social sorting experiments. Its operating principles are as
simple as frightening for observers: individuals and companies with a proven record of non-
compliance with administrative and legal requirements are deemed “untrustworthy” and punished
accordingly. However, based on a study of social credit implementation in the National Statistic
apparatus at both central and local levels, we argue that the Social Credit System does not yet have
a significant impact on the bureau’s operations. Indeed, we found out that while the relevant
agencies have drafted social credit regulations, they are seldom put into actual use.

Department of East Asian Studies
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
602045 Sinology
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