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A Tale of Two Centuries: One Hundred Years of Chinese Architecture as a Reflection on Chinese Modernization? (English) / Liang ge shiji de duizhao: "Zhongguo jianzhu yibai nian" dui Zhongguo xiandaihua de fansi (Chinese)

Rossella Ferrari

Programme note for the 2015 Zuni Icosahedron stage production of "One Hundred Years of Chinese Architecture" (Zhonguo jianzhu yibai nian, by Mathias Woo and Jimmy Ngai, dir. Mathias Woo), which juxtaposes the real-life stories of contemporary real estate developers Zhang Xin and Pan Shiyi and modern China's foremost "architectural couple", Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin, to reflect on Chinese modernization from the twentieth to the twenty-first century. Chinese translation by Pamela Tsui.

Department of East Asian Studies
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
604006 Performing arts
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